The lumbago

This term describes an urgent, shooting pain in the lumbar region, with or without radiation to the buttocks and thighs. Normally we move without feeling pain. Then suddenly comes the hour in which a sudden pain shoots into our lumbar spine, literally paralyzes us. The lumbago often occurs after lifting a load, occasionally after a wrong movement or for no apparent reason. The harmonious movement of two adjacent vertebrae in the vertebral joints is disturbed, they can no longer move freely, are “blocked”. The image of a hooked “blocked” drawer describes the mechanical aspect of the term. Even a short, unfavourable movement can trigger a lumbago.

A joint hooks, the triggered pain stimulus leads to a muscle reflex and the muscles tense up. This fixes the joint in the interlock and can no longer come loose. The affected joints are neither sick nor worn; they function again without problems as soon as the blockage has been released. This often happens spontaneously after a few hours or days, but can also be brought about by manual medical manipulations.

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