The calcified shoulder

Am I already calcified? We often hear this question from patients when we tell them the diagnosis of the calcified shoulder.

The lime shoulder is formed by deposits of lime in the rotator cuff. The rotator cuff (Film) consists of several muscles in the shoulder area. The exact cause of these calcium deposits is still unknown. Smaller tendon injuries as well as local circulatory disorders of the tendon are discussed. Especially middle-aged adults, women more often than men, are affected. The quality of life is clearly restricted, especially by conical pain, often at night. Some calcific shoulders cause recurrent acute inflammations which then occur in the patient as extremely painful attacks without cause.

In an acute seizure, medication, immobilisation or injections can help. Sonography enables the exact diagnosis and localisation of the calcified area. Shock wave therapy can also be attempted. In most cases, however, this only relieves pain and does not remove the calcium deposit. These calcium deposits can also dissolve spontaneously in about 30% of cases. However, if chronic painful calcifications of the tendon have existed for several years, arthroscopic calcification is the method of choice today.

This arthroscopic removal of calcifications is carried out very frequently in our practice. In 2001, we published our own arthroscopic calcification technique in the renowned arthroscopic newspaper (Arthroscopy) in America, which is now also used by most athroscopic surgeons worldwide. (Quadrant technique according to Ogon)

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