The biceps tendon

The biceps tendon has its attachment point deep in the shoulder at the socket. Here, too, tears or tears of the biceps tendon anchor (SLAP lesions) can occur in the shoulder as a result of constant overloading of the attachment or falls, especially in younger athletes. This is often noticed by painful stitches during certain movements in the shoulder.

However, an experienced shoulder specialist can also detect these rare tears in the biceps tendon using certain clinical examination techniques. For a more precise diagnosis, however, an additional magnetic resonance imaging examination will almost always be necessary, often with intra-articular contrast medium. Just as with shoulder instability, these tears of the tendon anchor of the biceps tendon can nowadays also be sutured arthroscopically with resorbable (dissolving) mini-anchorage without any problems. Follow-up treatment consists of immobilization with a bandage, often for 3 to 6 weeks, followed by special intensive physiotherapy.

As a rule, it is then possible to exercise at the same performance level as before the operation approximately 3 months after the operation.

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