The AC joint

The AC joint connects the collarbone to the acromion. Arthrosis can also occur in this AC joint. These arthroses can then form an osseous spur which in turn leads to a bottleneck syndrome in the shoulder area and can lead to tendon injuries or tendon tears in the rotator cuffs underneath. Especially strength athletes and overhead athletes often experience problems here. Particularly in strength sports, bone can melt away in the area of the AC joint. For this reason, special x-rays and possible further diagnostic measures such as magnetic resonance examinations must be carried out by a shoulder specialist, especially in the case of overhead athletes. Especially in this case an early diagnosis is absolutely necessary in order to be able to practice weight training at a later date.

Modern arthroscopic techniques allow us to remove these bony spurs or to widen the painful joint with small mini milling machines and thus prevent painful rubbing of the bones against each other.

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