Shoulder Stiffening

Middle-aged women as well as men experience shoulder pain without any explainable cause and shoulder stiffness increases. Especially in women, internal rotation is limited at the beginning (patients often notice this first when the bra can no longer close).

Due to increasing pain, the arm is spared more and more and there is a significant restriction in the mobility of the arm, not only actively but also passively. The cause of this disease is still unknown, so prevention is not possible. The only known connection is with diabetes mellitus.

With frozen shoulder it is very important that it is recognised correctly at an early stage in order to initiate an appropriate therapy, which usually consists of a special physiotherapeutic technique. In some rare cases, where intensive physiotherapy does not lead to an improvement in mobility, a gentle arthroscopic solution (arthrolysis) can also achieve a significant improvement and shortening of the disease time.

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