Shoulder bottleneck syndrome

Bottleneck syndromes (impingement syndrome) under the acromion often lead to complaints during certain movements. This diagnosis must be distinguished very precisely from other complaints in the shoulder area.

In most cases, these bottleneck syndromes can be treated by medication, injection techniques or physiotherapy techniques specially adjusted to the patient. If, in a few cases, this does not lead to freedom from symptoms, the space under the acromion can be extended by means of modern arthroscopic procedures using special miniature milling so that the tendon can glide freely again. The follow-up treatment of these arthroscopically treating bottleneck syndromes can be significantly shortened by an early diagnosis. There is also the danger of a tendon tear in the area of the acromion in the case of longer existing bony bottleneck syndromes.

Following modern arthroscopic extensions in the area of the acromion, patients are usually able to move their shoulder normally without pain after only a few days.

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