Patellar Tip Syndrome

The patellar tip syndrome is an overload damage at the lower patella pole. The tendon attachments in this area have considerable traction and damping forces to regulate or absorb at very small attachment points.

This inflammation of the lower kneecap pole is very common in jumping sports (basketball, volleyball) and weightlifting, but also in endurance sports such as cycling and running.

In almost all cases, this inflammation at the lower patellar pole can be successfully treated by adjusting the training, appropriate running shoes, special physiotherapy, medication, or injections. The decisive factor here is early correct diagnosis and appropriate therapy by a knee specialist. In high-performance athletes, however, this can lead to chronic overload damage in the area of the tendon attachment to the lower patellar pole, which also no longer respond to all conservative measures.

In the past, open surgery with removal of bones and tendons was often performed, but this mostly led to these top athletes not reaching the performance level after the surgery. Today we have a modern arthroscopic procedure (patellar release according to Ogon) which prevents a large opening of the joint with corresponding removal of tendon and bone parts.

After a short sports break for about 2 to 3 weeks, a normal pain-free load on the knee joint is almost always possible again, even at the highest performance level.

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