Loose joint bodies in the shoulder joint

If patients suddenly notice painful blockages in the shoulder joint during movements, a free joint body must always be considered.

These joint bodies can be caused by a change and ossification of the joint mucosa (chondromatosis), or by falls with corresponding cartilage and bone bursts. In the past, the entire joint had to be opened with a large incision in order to remove these small joint bodies. Today even the smallest joint bodies, only a few mm in size, are made visible on a screen by magnification during arthroscopic surgery and can then be easily removed with small grasping forceps. Also before changes of the joint mucosa which have led to ossifications (chondromatosis) are removed arthroscopically during this operation.

Usually only one day after the operation, immobilization in a bandage is necessary and physiotherapy can be started immediately after the operation. Also the normal use of the shoulder in daily life is usually possible again after a few days.

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