Cartilage Injuries

Arthrosis refers to any type of degeneration of the joint. There are large gradations between mild, incipient and severe advanced activated osteoarthritis.

The development of arthrosis is a protracted process that usually takes years and decades. In general, all joints can be affected by cartilage damage (arthrosis). The hip joint is most frequently affected, followed by the knee joint and the ankle joint. Arthrosis of the shoulder and elbow joints are also known, but occur less frequently.

Today we have the most modern arthroscopic techniques to treat arthrosis especially in the knee joint well. An early and exact diagnosis by a specialist is crucial.

Through so-called microfracturing, isolated cartilage defects in the knee joint can be stimulated to heal themselves. Today, we also have good cartilage transplantation procedures that can only be used for special cartilage defects. Since cartilage is a very sensitive organ, especially in the knee joint, these operations should only be performed by experienced surgeons.

Conservative measures (drug therapies, physical therapies and appropriate infiltration therapies) are also used successfully in osteoarthritis.

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